June 21, 2017

To understand what we are working on please review the previous June 14, 2017 update in the scroll down menu.  The product packaging and contents are ready which includes the outer box, order forms, 10 clay pre-measured packets, tools and smaller return pre-paid shipping box. The 15 minute DVD instruction course will be ready soon. The outer label is also close to being finished and we will be acquiring the UPC bar codes for the packaging as well.  The three kits available will all contain 10 pre-measured clay packets. The three kits will be:


A. The kit with no pre-paid casting costs applied to the kits retail price. Once the kit is purchased the buyer can choose to send in or pay on line for the castings in any number of choices between sterling silver, 14k, 18k gold or bronze.


B. This kit may be our single most popular. It will cost at this time around $79 and include the same 10 clay packets with the pre-paid card allowing for one casting in sterling silver to be created. This single casting kit will be perfect for one person or as a gift that is sure to be well received. The reason for the 10 clays is to allow the artist to create a few sculptures before deciding on which one to cast and with the option of requesting additional cast pieces.


C. The casting party in a box which has already been requested by some will allow anyone to host a party for up to 20 people. The host will charge a set fee per person of the same $79 and retain a portion of that $79 when they register with us as a host. This kit will include a separate DVD on how to host the event in addition to the DVD that will be watched by those attend the party. This is perfect as a home based business as well as for retail events held in stores.

GNGR casting events.

Our casting party is also being marketed to businesses who want to hold events in their locations and advertise to customers. One shop that sells tea and tea products will host a party that was marketed as the " Tea and jewelry Party" Create your own jewelry while being served tea and finger sandwiches.  This first event was capped at just 10 people so the host business owners can get a feel for the program first. The event of 10 people (kids included) was booked in less than 2 days and may be a weekly event. The best part is customers who attend will simply go back to the store to pick up their castings and possibly continue to support that business. GNGR will be there as well during this first event and also take video footage.  This program creates non jewelry stores into customer created jewelry stores in multiple new retail locations. WIth no licensing or franchise fees to the stores and significant savings over cookie cutter retail jewelry products, GNGR is taking on an industry that is so competitive ( because most rival jewelry stores actually sell the same merchandise) and making it your own for less than any retail purchase. This will also offset the costs of rent and overhead for any retail store location that hosts the events and generate more and more interest.


This NEW program allows anyone of all ages to sculpt in clay whatever they want and in 10 days or less they are sent back a finished sterling silver casting of exactly what they sculpted in ring or pendant form. All the molding and casting is done by GNGR in our state of the art casting studio by casting and finishing professionals. The fact that the sculpting artists do NOT have to actually do the casting, does not diminish the fact that they are still sculpting and receiving their original finished art just the same.

June 26, 2017

SNEAK PEEK just for GNGR shareholders. You can check out our CASTING KIT site in progress at this link:


The finished site will be ready this week with our first 500 casting kits hitting the retail market next week and another 1500 slated for the following week. With the individual casting kits and the Host party program already in progress, GNGR once again is tapping into a high demand market, only this time we DO NOT NEED FUNDING because everything is pre-paid. Since the kits are pre-paid we can list as many as we want. Once we establish additional markets using sites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay we can promote and offer 100,000 kits to just about every market from arts to crafts to jewelry to DIY. Because all kits and castings are pre-paid, we don't have to worry about over selling our new casting kit programs. (spell check to follow of course)

Thought of the day:

For every mall with ONE chocolate store, how many jewelry stores are in the same mall? Not including the jewelry booth kiosks?

June 29, 2017

Our next casting party will be this Sunday July 2nd. Our host said she has 25 who want to attend. I suggested to limit the number to 10 for the first few casting parties. I will be attending this class to support her while she gets a feel for how to do it on her own. Once a host is ready to do it alone they can have 5, 10, 20, 50 people attend. This is not too complicated and the DVD is simple for hosts to understand. This is simply having people sculpt and have fun. The host simply offers guidance like not to make spikes or sharp points because when it's cast in metal it may poke you or snag on a sweater, simple things like that but other than that it's A PIECE OF CAKE! She will be hosting kids and adults so this will be very interesting to see what everyone sculpts. Images and video will be posted and will show the progression from teaching to sculpting to final sterling silver casting jewelry along with the hosts guests reactions.

Update 10:02 am - She said some were sad the class was full, I said you can invite as many as you have chairs and tables for! She is going to bring in her patio furniture and borrow folding chairs from her neighbor so it's going to be a FULL HOUSE! Everyone is so excited and so should GNGR shareholders! She is also setting up a TACO BAR and beverages.

June 30, 2017

The online marketing material is finished except for the DVD instructional video demonstrating an actual host party. This Sunday's casting party will be videoed and be included in the casting kit. I decided to make the video of an actual casting party so people who receive the kit also feel they are part of a large group and not one on one. This DVD will also show various clips of kids and adults sculpting with the instructor's help. The initial part of the video will be a quick "how to" presentation the same as a one on one DVD. Watching the various clips to see others techniques will be optional for the purchasers of the kit but it will lend to some who want ideas or see various techniques. The KIT will launch online right after the July 4th holiday