Next week GNGR will be hosting the first casting party program to a group of 15 children and adults. The home-based party will be similar to home-based painting or gift crafting parties but with a significant difference.  All ages can participate. Everyone's creation will be unique to them, unlike classes where everyone has to do the same subject (see image)

This initial party is also being held to show some of the adults who expressed interest in hosting casting parties how to handle the instruction process. The benefits of our casting program are far greater than any other type of crafting art parties that have swept the nation. Just some of the benefits are:

- Any age can participate and NO messy paints or cleaning up.
- Everyone creates their own art or design
- Making your own sterling silver pendant is far more functional and rewarding than other art programs
- Additional castings can be ordered for those who want to sell their art creations or purchase or create others for gifts.
- Silver jewelry to buy is expensive but it's much less when casting participants see the benefits and ability making it themselves.
- Once people participate in this casting program, they will most likely never buy jewelry again and continue to use our programs
- This can change how the billions are spent on retail jewelry each year by making everyone their OWN jeweler.

Once someone makes their own unique wearable silver art, they will most likely NEVER purchase jewelry ever again and continue to create new items for years to come. This is also PERFECT for career artists to market their own line and not have to worry about the casting process.

Our associate who will be working with GNGR during the first few classes will then oversee planning and promoting the program nationwide.

Each participant will be given a pre-measured piece of clay about the size of a sugar cube and small plastic base. Instructions at the initial pendant program will be given on how to make a flat-backed pendant casting. People will put the clay on the plastic and start to sculpt whatever they want such as flowers, faces, abstract, animals ANYTHING they like. once the clay is sculpted it then dries and will be sent to me and then cast into sterling silver. Once the rubber mold is made more of the same can be cast in the event additional orders are needed. The class will be a two day event with each day one week apart. One day to sculpt and then the following week to meet and pick up their finished sterling silver. People can order more than one during the initial casting for a nominal fee.


The impact of seeing something in clay, that may actually be not really fun or pretty, will look AMAZING when it's delivered in polished sterling silver!  And will be original and not just copy others art.  The casting will make everyone's art (kids and adults) unique and all their own.


I am also speaking this week to offer a FREE class to some handicapped people including the blind. This will be a GREAT way for those who cannot fully appreciate or see what they are painting but who can still sculpt. They will then forever feel satisfaction and pride in having created their own sculptured art.


This program will not only generate interest in kids, adults, artists, crafters and even blind or handicapped people. It will also show the significant difference between having to buy some basic mall jewelry vs making your own for LESS COST!


I will be taking images and video of the first class next week with all ages and post it here when edited. A local news channel may also feature us as a story all day when we do the FREE class for the blind and handicapped group.  The classes for the blind will be NO charge not even for the finished sterling silver castings.


The casting parties for kids and adults will be charged a fee which includes one final casting in sterling silver!. All finished castings will be added to the GUGR website for sale so people can order more or direct friends and family to purchase. A royalty payment for each casting will be sent to the artists.

June 5, 2017

Continuing to do whatever is necessary to find new markets and ways to have GNGR expand, GNGR is going to have a series of test party classes geared towards groups who want to learn art or creative ways to make products or just to have fun with others. The paint and sip franchise has been a huge success but the simple fact is, NO ONE attending the event is being creative other than to copy the same art as everyone else. You are basically paying to paint what is not your idea. GNGR is taking the similar party experience and applying creativity to the mix that the painting franchises cannot offer.  Most who attend a painting party do so only one time. GNGR feels that with the jewelry and casting put into the creative mix, people will continue to create and attend the program more than just once. Additional advanced courses will also be offered. Jewelry is also more personal and elegant. What better way to show your talents by wearing your own jewelry creation. A FORBES article shows this to be a huge franchise opportunity.


Check back soon to
view our video of
our initial casting
party launch!
Soon to go nationwide!

June 14, 2017

Two additions to the program have been adopted. People who attend a casting party or class do not have to appear a second time to retrieve their finished casting, like a candle or gift buying party where you have to return to pick up your purchased merchandise. We have decided to offer two options or a combination of the two. We will ship the final casting pieces in our signature GOLD shipping box directly to the individual person in an elegant jewelry gift box, or send the lot to the host, or a combination of both as requested. In addition to the casting party/class, we are also finalizing our Jewelry in a box program. A do it yourself kit you can purchase soon on our website, ebay, etsy and amazon and others in addition to a few retail craft and art stores for starters that have asked about a small inventory. Once tested and approved a nationwide push into large crafting retail chain stores will be next. The kit is purchased for $12.00 and contains a 1/2 hour DVD  class, 10 pre-measured clay pieces that when cast will each weigh about 1/4 ounce sterling silver. Instructions and tools will be included as well as an order form. Once the creation(s) are made in clay the artist simply chooses the quantity they want to order with options for: Sterling silver, 14k gold or bronze. A purchase order will have the choices and prices. An online order form will be available for those who use credit cards, paypal, etc. This jewelry party in a box will also allow families to participate in a creative casting family event without the need to travel or find a host. Plus it will be great for those who want to send it as a gift with the casting cost already included. They can simply purchase one online prepaid.