July 14, 2017

Can people who create their own unique casting also be able to turn our program into a business? That has happened. Since our casting party we received 3 text messages asking about purchasing additional castings. We received orders for 3 "heart eye emoji" silver pendants created by a 6 year old girl for her two grandmothers and one aunt who want to show everyone that their young granddaughter and niece is a professional jewelry artist (at age 6 no less). Why is she professional? Because she will be receiving 3 royalty checks. In addition, a request for 1 heart moon pendant (artist is age 17) as well as 2 of the silver birds (artist is age 49).


The residual sales that come from the artists self marketing will also spark interest in creating more and more castings and possibly new people to take interest in our program, even if it's just the single DIY casting kit.


It's pretty amazing knowing we have what some may THINK is a simple one time craft event and out of it we turned a 6 year old into a paid registered silver jewelry artist with actual sales and royalties. I also anticipate many more orders coming in from the last casting party. The two other orders for the moon heart and bird were from people who were not family but coworkers who saw the artists wearing them. I think the moon heart pendant will sell very well online. AND we have not even posted them for sale on the "Artist Creation" section yet or listed them on eBay or Etsy.


Because the clay and master rubber molds are already made, we simply pour the wax, cast the silver and ship in a few days.

My bench technician takes the finished (purple) molds and pours liquid wax to create the casting master. The molds can be used over and over to make more of the same at the artist's request or from website sales.
Sterling silver masters are cast at the same time.
Finished and polished and with a necklace, they are all ready to go to their artist creator.
From ideas to fine jewelry - Easy - Fast - Affordable
By Yourself - With Family And Friends - Hosting A Casting Party - It's Exciting And Fun!
Title: Heart Eye Emoji
Artist age 6
Sold 3
Title: Moon Thing
Artist age 17
Sold 1
Title: Bird
Artist age 45
Sold 2

6 year old becomes PAID professional jewelry artist!