Sterling and .999 silver is purchased locally from a number of sources. Obtaining silver the same day is as easy as making a phone call and having it delivered to your door. A delivery of 30 ounces just arrived.
Wax masters are made quickly for less than $.10 each (the wax cost). Once cast in Sterling Silver, the pieces are cut and cleaned.
After a quick examination, all pieces are polished, signed and numbered by hand.
Shipping with USPS pick up saves us even more time.
With the low overhead, the net profits are between 50%  to as much as 90%.
No expensive factory (like confections $6000 a month)
No costly health permits and fees
No product liability insurance like a food item
Low overhead almost 90% LESS then confections
Low labor costs less than 10% of product cost
No financing needed (all castings are PREPAID)
No limit to our growth, the more we make the more we'll sell.
After Trump is sworn into office, an inauguration collector special item will be created and limited to only 25,000 at $49 each. We will continue to create items for other markets worldwide as well as submit our proposals for bids on items for corporate, government and military use. Just a few of those markets include:
- Wildlife sanctuary foundations
- Fundraising
- Corporate promotional items
- Government use insignia pins
- Military insignia pins, awards and medals
- Club, fraternal and civic group logo pins and awards
- Custom creations made per order
- product replication for commercial use