Gunther Grant Update Press Release
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Henderson, NV —
Welcome to Gunther Grant Inc. Amazing and prosperous changes have taken place at our company resulting in a remarkable and exciting path forward. Our company structure and newly designed and manufactured products have resulted in a 90% reduction in overhead and has virtually eliminated the need for financing as in the past when we had to deliver finished product prior to receiving payment. Production capital is not required because sales are almost entirely prepaid. GNGR has no debt.
Our website has lots of information about our new product designs and mold making technologies used to make sterling silver and gold casting creations that ship worldwide.
GNGR designs and creates custom molds for the production of unique, solid sterling silver and gold jewelry that are sold by wildlife awareness programs and foundations throughout the world. GNGR continues to expand an extensive line of wildlife designs, and with special attention to endangered species. Bats, chimps, foxes, sea turtles and polar bears are just a few of many species titles we are creating to fill the demand.
As an incentive to wildlife foundations and to help support their causes, a percentage of every sale is donated to its respective foundation. GNGR handles the entire creative and marketing process through the website and custom website pages designed for each foundation, including shipping. The foundation simply sends the link to their supporters and their Facebook pages. GNGR does the rest.
But wildlife titles are only one line of Gunther Grant's castings designs. GNGR designs and markets unique and custom castings for individuals as well as holiday and themed categories for retail sales. Demand has been brisk. Additional websites to promote other designed castings are in the works.
With the market wide open in this lucrative industry there is no limit to the potential reach and continued growth that can be achieved. GNGR has matured to a point of much better understanding of markets, products, customer demand and a sharpened focus on what works well. Our successful reduction of overhead costs and vastly diminished reliance on production financing, have enabled Gunther Grant Inc. to take full control of those two major factors that cause many other companies to fail.
We are pleased to report that Gunther Grant has not engaged in stock dilution, reverse splits, reverse mergers, company name changes or stock symbol changes.
GNGR is solid, profitable and expanding. We are here to stay.
Gunther Grant (ticker GNGR) is an OTC listed company
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Gunther Grant
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Henderson, NV 89014

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