Repair and new master mold being made for casting a large horse head.
Sterling silver, and bronze "V" keys used in early 1900's phonograph cabinets. 8,000,000 victor units were made and very few keys survived. A quote for 1000 keys, to be used by a high end VIP nightclub's members, has been submitted after a bulk order request.
Out of copyright (from 1929), a prototype Hound head made into a mold for an order of tuxedo buttons. GNGR took this one step further by making the button-hole post rectangular rather than round, to prevent the heads from rotating in the button-hole, Thus assuring that the hound heads are always facing the right direction. Once approved, a master (cleaner) mold will be made for mass production to the popular English hound market in England. A quote from the client said "the use of a non rotatable pin to keep the heads in the proper position was genius". He further stated that those who wear the fox buttons would have to keep rotating the buttons all night to keep them from changing positions. Molds for fox tuxedo buttons, cuff links, tiebacks and money clips are also in the works.

Special rush order fox cuff links.

competitor's fox cuff links were rejected for obvious reasons.
A New line of products for worldwide distribution sold directly from our company to the end user are currently under development. These are just a few examples.