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2018 - Welcome to Gunther Grant, Inc. a publicly traded company, ticker symbol GNGR.
Our NEW plan is straight forward and simple. So far whatever we make has been selling well, we just need to create more casting titles. The more titles we make, the less of each we have to sell to make 2018 our best year ever since going public.
Many of our best selling items average a net profit of $50 each. Because there are buyers of each specific design title, in order to achieve higher sales figures, we have to create more specific titles to attract more buyers who want more choices. And that is just what we are doing.
If we had (for example) 1,000,000 titles and we sold one of each with a net profit of $50 we would net $50,000,000 but to create that many molds would be impossible. To achieve success in volume without struggling to make one title a huge success, GNGR just has to increase the titles that sell in multiples of 100+ each annually like some that we are now selling. Selling fewer numbers of more titles to capture a larger market and still achieve great sales for GNGR is our goal. We can do that by increasing the line to at least 1,000 this year. Whenever a title doesn't sell well we simply replace it with a new one. We are able to sculpt, mold and cast multiple designs in as little as one day.
Our market strategy includes careful attention to what is currently popular as well as new trends, improving designs and creating new ideas and art pieces whether trendy, uniquely fun or even strange. Our ability to very quickly bring a new design to market puts us well ahead of the competition. When the presidential election was upon us, we created the TRUMP and HILLARY lines of political castings in just a few days. And that alone put GNGR in the black. Our unique designs, product quality and relatively low retail prices keep us highly competitive in this huge market.
GNGR has no debt, and increasing our design titles to 1,000 will not significantly increase our low overhead. We simply design, sculpt, mold and cast to grow our expanding library of jewelry and art titles. Product production is the same regardless of title chosen. Whether we make 250 of one title or one each of 250 different titles, the process is the same.
Gunther Grant is expanding each title to include key chains, rings, pendants, pins, money clips and even limited edition sculptures. With so much happening and with the rapid increase in our library of titles, we may not be able to list all new creations on a regular basis, but we will expand our investor postings as time allows. Our goal is to average 25 sales each of 1,000 titles. Titles include a wide enough range of prices to accommodate what customers want to pay for jewelry.

Our products sell very well. In the saturated jewelry market, GNGR must be doing something right, and better than everyone else.

Check out our new castings and NEW bonehead line - (CLICK HERE NOW)