Berkshire Hathaway and Tiffany&Co jewelry lines are just some examples of why GNGR is expanding. With no retail stores to worry about overhead we are selling worldwide to the same buyers who are tired of high prices and lack of creativity. This is just a sample of the 2500 casting titles GNGR is working on adding to the titles we have now.  Are we better than the rest? That's up to the buyers to decide. Are our prices more affordable? Do the math. Are We 100% made in the USA? YES! Where are the others made? Better look inside and see what country stamp is on YOUR jewelry. GO ahead take a look, that's if its even marked to hide the origin. ALL GNGR castings are marked USA and our new American flag stamp has arrived.
GNGR castings are signed, numbered and come with certificates
with corporate seal and logged in our company register of castings.