Custom and unique castings.
NEW Bonehead line of castings.
Master mold is done. Now starting mass production just in time for
A Freaky Valentines Day!

No ideas or thoughts will escape a sample from being made - NOTHING will be overlooked.

Every TITLE will be made into various examples like key chains, rings and more

Gunther Grant, Inc. a publicly traded company (ticker symbol GNGR) designs original creations and creates molds for casting jewelry and metal products in sterling silver and gold that ship worldwide.
Gunther Grant also provides technical and artistic assistance and expertise as well as additional services including design, mold supplies, raw materials including silver and gold as well as marketing services.
GNGR also operates and maintains various websites and generates additional sales online by selling products through other retail websites.
Casting services are available to artists who are not able to cast themselves and who design their own line of casting art pieces. Mold and technical assistance will be available for non GNGR designs.
Additionally, GNGR will allow resellers to use the name "Gunther Grant Creations" as long as the products created are designed and approved by Gunther Grant, Inc. Website creation and maintenance services will be provided for additional fees.
Areas of production include: Jewelry, high-end electronics, Industrial castings and custom fabrication