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Update: May 8, 2020
Gunther Grant has NOT had to suspend or close operations due to the corona virus that has shut down most of the nation. SInce all design, casting and production is done in a private studio, Gunther Grant continues to create, cast and ship worldwide. In fact our sales have gone UP as almost all our competitors who relied on retail store sales have mostly shut down. We have our silver and gold delivered right to our front door and ship our products with no need to be in contact with anyone other than when we deliver to the Post Office.
Another huge part of the failure for (NON-GNGR) jewelry companies are many of them purchase cast pieces from China so even though they are experiencing massive losses due to corona closures, they have been on a steep decline even before the corona shut down having to achieve huge profits just to pay for overhead. GNGR's low overhead is mostly the casting costs with no stores or large employee base to have to cover. Signet (Jared and Kay) saw their stock take a nose dive from $140+ to just over $5 in a few years LONG before the corona shut down while GNGR has had no such issues.
GNGR  is operating, selling and shipping (worldwide) and generating sales during the massive stores shuttering, and with many stores NOT reopening, GNGR will emerge a leader in our industry and we have already started.
A simple FACT!  We can offer better for less cost, even cheaper than China (as long as they dont use toxic metals like they are now (read below).
" If you want to buy CRAP then do not buy GNGR castings, If you want to buy quality, there is non finer than GNGR"
                                                                                                              Grant CEO

Gunther Grant Castings

No stores to close, no people to lay off and STILL shipping worldwide!