Having just returned from a 12 day business trip to Florida and reviewing all options as to what to do with GNGR and other companies I own that are privately held that are not yet part of GNGR (the public company) I have considered the move to Florida due to the costs to operate a business there is far less than NY. Because all current and past business overhead here in NY is too costly especially when almost all items sold are shipped to clients and do not need a specific location, there was and is no reason to continue to operate from NY.


GNGR can say without debate that the products we made under the GotChocolates brand had no equal. Our products were the best in the industry with the best looking and tasting products the confection industry has ever seen or eaten. We had our products in (5) BJ's wholesale clubs for a sales test that was very successfully. GNGR had our vegan fudge in WHOLE FOODS and other big box stores wanted our gold box fudge for national sales. We had the rights to make Betty Boop products ( the most successful licensed caracture sold at Walmart) and with $2 billion annual sales of Betty boop products we could have been the ONLY company offering Betty Boop Confections and tapped into part of those sales of Boop items.  GNGR created the Betty boop chocolate bar as well as a chocolate Betty Boop figure holding a red heart for a Valentines' day product to be sold for about $9.99 in every CVS walgreens and rite aid stores. Additional items such as Betty Boop soap and candles were in the works using our mold making ability to bring even more (non confection items) to market.

GNGR officially went public in 2008 and weathered the 2008 stock fraud issues with madoff and others, and also managed to remain afloat during bad economic times when many other similar companies went out of business including one of our rival companies that I used to work for "The Chocolate Inn" filed for bankrupsy and was purchased by "Nassau Candy" and many others also folded, we did not. NESTLES even singled us out on a lawsuit over the 10's of thousands who were making the same items we made, the difference is GNGR was a growing company and had items on the shelves in 7-11 right next to NESTLES products and was a direct threat to their markets. Many know their multi million dollar lawsuit was made public by them just to hurt our stock and cause panic, but many do not know the lawsuit was heard by the judge and no ruling for NESTLES Millions of dollars in damages was awarded. The suit was only to cause grief and to push the little guy out. WE still did not fold and pressed on after a costly legal road bump for GNGR.

I find it amusing that NESTLES with sales of $108 billion annually was scared of little old GNGR and its product line that made Nestles look like armatures to say the least.

DO not be fooled by these events, I still have some plans up my sleeve for the future of the Got Chocolates product line, just not now.


Lack of capital is our only roadblock. Without capital we can't make items, sell items or ship items, it's that simple. Operating out of a NY location for over 10 years costing GNGR about $720,000 in just rent and overhead without the capital to produce the mass orders, GNGR became a localized company and relying on ONLY localized retail to cover the costs and overhead. We had the equipment and licensed facility to produce for national orders but again NO capital means NO orders can be filled.


Prior to going public in 2000 (8 years earlier then going public) my small location in Glen Cove NY was approved for production for wholesale. I created a small 1' x 2" fudge in a cup for Starbucks. Having met them in NY they said I needed to have my facility approve by their own health personal. I went to some venture capital people who liked my products and told them about the Starbucks idea, they said if I get a PO they will finance me. With that I spent $5000 precious dollars to make improvements to my facility that was required by Starbucks to be approved. Once finished the Starbucks team met me and approved the facility and the next day faxed me over an order for $5,000,000 (a small $200 a month order for each of the 2000 locations) it was for 400 pre cut and cupped fudge for Starbucks display sales in 2000 locations. AND that was for starters.

I went back to my capital people and said " I need $2,000,000 to make $5,000,000 in products and if they finance me I will give them back $4,000,000 and I would keep $1,000,000 (they would double their money in one year). THEY DECLINED even after saying they would. One man I recall saying said "we agreed but we didn t actually think you could get a PO from Starbucks" I believe they did not have any money but who knows.


After all the confidence NOT just because the products are GREAT but with valid profitable purchase orders NO ONE was financing anyone. This happened over and over year after year. I then read about going PUBLIC that allows companies to raise capital (or so I was led to believe) prior to 2008 I managed to raise $800,000 of which $400,000+ was used to take GNGR public with the other capital to open a larger facility with higher capacity equipment. Once public with a factory READY TO GO and firm orders with other products waiting in the wings, we could not raise the capital to produce. GNGR sat still as a public company with a great factory and orders and national markets ready to GO. but again NO CAPITAL. GNGR became a PUBLICLY TRADED LOCAL CANDY STORE.


Obtaining the rights to Betty Boop over all our competitors was a major milestone (this also could have sparked NESTLES anger and to file the lawsuit to no avail) this cost Nestles over $250,000 in legal fees ONLY because they did not want us to compete. Many people also do not know that we had over 10 different items in Fairway markets in NY city and Long Island years before going public.  BUT when we went to restock we noticed OTHER companies items on the shelves where ours were and ours were pushed back till they fell behind the back of those shelves on the floor. This business is not easy, people lie, cheat, steel, sue you and hate that your the BEST at what you do to the point they will try to harm you by any means.

The public is in many ways NO BETTER! I am sure you all know that when we had our fudge in 7-11s here on Long Island NY that one share holders who TROLLS IHUB managed to find the locations and call them and say they found glass and rat droppings in the fudge and because of that ALL fudge was pulled from the counter and shelves and we LOST that Account. You can all thank some over on IHUB for that event


I officially CLOSED the chocolate confection factory as you all know and I am working on not only one but several NEW items that are being sold worldwide and as fulfillment for others who need me to make products under their own branded name.

THE BUSINESSES I am running now are private and in NO PART owned by GNGR (please dont ask for sales or filing figures) this is NOT a sub company or in any part owned by GNGR. GNGR will have to lay dormant for now as I decide what do to and when.


If people want GNGR to be current and have the private companies associated with GNGR I will need to obtain capital to move GNGR back to Current. I am NOT going to use funds from the private company to pay for GNGR to be current just to satisfy people who want GNGR current because what good is current if GNGRs filings will say OTC CURRENT (no sales, no profits, no nothing) why bother to be current then? If i can obtain my goal of $100,000 I will then marge all companies together under the GNGR public company. By being private I also keep hostel people from ever knowing what I am doing, they can't hurt what they can't find!


The best route to go is to have GNGR be a holing company who only receives payments from the private companies for the license fees leased by GNGR to anyone using the mold making technology. GNGR will take in cash and not have to spend any on rents or overhead other than a minimal amount to remain OTC CURRENT making GNGR a very profitable company.


SO do I keep working to save the $100,000 by my non public company means, do I find 100 people to come up with $1000 each? However i manage to obtain this capital will decide how long it takes. I could easily sell 2.5 billion shares now for $250,000 at a per share price of $.0001? What if that is my ONLY CHOICE? Do we do that or stay where we are now.


These are the realities of being public. Spend money to go public, get Million$ in orders then no financing.

ANYONE interested in helping? im all ears and willing to negotiate.